PORTFOLIO > Remnants

A solo exhibition at FrontierSpace in Missoula, MT

"Logic has nothing to do with oppression"
-Gloria Steinem, 1986

This presentation is part of an ongoing exploration of constructed gender norms in American society, specifically referring to expectations of beauty and hygiene that women, including myself, participate in on a daily basis. As part of my research, I allowed hair on my face, underarms, and genital area to grow for two weeks. I then had the hair professionally removed with wax.

These are the remnants.

Although I am rationally aware that as a human being I am biologically engineered to have body hair, I found it interesting that I was so relieved to have the hair removed. This led me to be curious about social norms that women succumb to, even when they are aware of the double standard. I hope this body of work will facilitate a dialogue regarding this issue.