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MFA Thesis Exhibition

Gallery of Visual Art, The University of Montana, Missoula, MT

This body of work is intended to offer an understanding of the woman’s role within the domestic realm and its evolution over time in American society. My ultimate goal is to create an awareness of women’s inequality historically, but also to expose the inequality, biases, and double standards that continue to exist in our contemporary society. I choose to create this awareness through visual communication with the use of recognizable objects that the general public, stereotypically speaking, would associate with femininity and domesticity.

I am fascinated by how these “feminine” objects and their historical content [e.g. bread pan] have been socially constructed through rhetoric and material culture. Since these objects have been removed from their original context, I see them as not only symbols of a time period, but also a representation of the women who were striving to express themselves individually, intellectually, and creatively in a society that did not allow them to do so in the public sphere.